Biospheric Foundation & Epoch Six Urban Research Lab

Biospheric Foundation & Epoch Six Urban Research Lab, is about create a intense Inspiring research space, seeking out excitement, enhancing life, enabling social innovation, and whole thinking collaboration. Creating are own system, to shape the of research 21th century, and epoch six is part and spear heading this new evolution thought. As we empathize, talk, debate, argue with , community, friends, colleagues, collaborators I feel we am being not pushed, but  pulled Transferable Intentionality of new things ideas, that shaping the are minds, Cites, Biospheric, planet and therefore. We are a whole brain organisation, to be prepared for the future, you have to provide a space for the empowerment, for informed dialog, opportunity participate, fulfillment. Epoch Six Urban Research Lab provides a platform for change, Social Research Entrepreneurism. Where is this directing us, the future is not somewhere we go, but something we create, and in this way I am creating a future Native, you have to embrace the right and left brain for is biospheric ethics thinking, whole culture collaboration ,in the near future embrace in biospheric &  empathetic leadership and co creation.   We live in the most unimaginable time in the universe, humans opened the possible for evolution to become conscious. We are interdisciplinary biological cosmic beings, intertwined with Ecology & technology. In our short life times, in this technologic age, we will hyper-jump thousands of through the technium innovation. The future will be nothing like the past.

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