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We live in a hyper-interconnected organism, which man calls earth. The earth is a minuscule part of a 13 billion year story, we know as the universe. The National Geographical Publication (The New Universe 2010) showed the complexity, interconnectivity, and visually highlighted the beauty and its out of control-ness that underlines the universe. Our universe is connected to 125 billion Galaxies which exist above and all around us.

Our home-galaxy, the Milky-way is shared with 200 billion stars. Our earth evolved from the most minimal state, to a very complex state over 4.5 billion years. Earth has always been on a slow trajectory of progress. Simple cells organism to complex structures, like fish, reptiles to mammals & humans. This progress of change in the modern world is called Natural Selection. Charles Darwin at 22 years old stepped on the Beagle in 1831. At a time when religion still rule the western hemisphere. Unknown to Darwin this was the start of a intellectual thought provoking trip that outlasted his sea voyage. Darwin began to hypothesize and unravel the mystery of the Natural World. An endeavor lasting 28 years. Now in the modern world, we know that all life is related. The Origin of Species (Darwin. C 1859) and gene science in our modern world, show without doubt that this is the most scientific & probable way to understand our world in the 21st Century.

David Attenborough recent factual documentary (Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life. 2011) showed this inherent story of natural selection, which amplifies the relatedness, interconnectedness and rich diversity in Life. Life is so rich that in just 1.8 billion acres of the south American rainforest, s home to 2.5 million insect species, tens of thousand of trees, 40,000 plant species, 3000 fish species, 2000, birds & mammals species, this intents food web is created by the 500 millions tons of glucose produced via photosynthesis. This is a interconnected biological system. Life is in the business of making life. As viewed in the 9 laws of Gods, “the controlled from the bottom up” (K.KELLY 2004, Pg 469. Out of Control. 1st ed. London: basic Books). Nature has a divine way of relating, connecting, making something out of nothing. It has its own system, a systems that man still only understand a very little, but is also intertwined within it.  As a researcher, I am trying to create my own systems, as William Blake said,  “I must create a system of my own, or be enslaved by another man”.

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