Envirolution 0.2

The Biospheric Foundation is very excited about envirolution is weekend,  I will be joining the conversation with two visionaries, Joe Weeks & Paul Exall @ the  Greening Urban Spaces 3:15pm to 4pm at the Hot Topics Zone (see map below)

Manchester Garden City – Joe Weeks www.manchestergardencity.org.uk
Manchester Urban Farming Foundation – Paul Exall
Epoch 6 Urban Research Lab – Vicent Paul Walsh. https://biosphericfoundation.wordpress.com/
facilitated by Dan, Climate Change Survivors www.climatesurvivors.ning.com
I will be very briefly highlight the Biospheric Foundation Vision, Scoop, future thoughts. Then having a engaging conversation about all things Manc, Eco, Green, Evolving, Urban, Complex, Advanced, Holistic.
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