The Biospheric Foundation have been awarded a research & development fund

The Biospheric Foundation have been awarded a research & development fund. The Community Foundation for Greater Manchester has awarded the Biospheric Foundation a Research & Development Fund for investigations into vermiculture and pedology urban systems. The Soil&Worm group at the Biospheric Foundation will be building a indoor worm farm. The vision and aim is promote Carbon Sink, Up Cycling waste systems, Biological systems, Soil fertility, Urban Biodiversity and there importance to growing local food in small urban environments. Worms create organic matter which helps the soils hold more carbon than the atmosphere and vegetation combined, and can hold it longer. People are increasingly looking to soil carbon as an opportunity to both mitigate and adapt to climate change, along with its twin issue, ecosystem function. This is the first group of is kind in the Northwest. The Worm&Soil group produce wormcast, wormtea for soil fertility. We also breed worms for customers, and enables are ecological team to do workshops with school and community collaboration.

The Constitution.

Localisms. Our vision aims to promote and enhance local ecological environments in salford, by using worms to increase soil health,  therefore promoting fertility and biodiversity in an area of greater manchester which is very much needed. By evolving local ecologies, we also enhance the environments visually. We are knee to show the importance of healthy Soil & Worms in urban environments and there relationship to growing local organic food. New skills are needed in salford, so all people regardless of age, gender, religion can provide everything they need to live a truly local, healthier, productive, and resilient lifestyle.

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