Biospheric Foundation UK & Microfarm USA

The work of the Biospheric Foundation & Microfarm are very similar on many levels, from soil science work, vertical systems, biospheric systems, biodiversity hubs, vermiculture systems just to name a few.  Biospheric Foundation will be visiting Microfarm.

Microfarm in the Wild Mountain, San Francisco is currently working with a cutting edge soil scientist.  Microfarm team our developing & investigates “Nutrient Dense Soils”, that give the plants the nutrients to pass on to the people that eat that food. Worms also can be used here as most soils are depleted of nutrients, by building the soil systems with the correct components. Biospheric Foundation & Microfarm are interested in healthy plants and it relationship healthy people.

Microfarm idea is to set up an education lab/ healing center, architectural and biological workshop. Microfarm works on experimental architecture, beyond Currently, we have started building a compound made of masonry rubble and garden projects. The idea is to demonstrate how you can build a home from the rubble of other homes, as in war torn areas and in other natural disasters.

Then we turn the entire building into a vertical garden, and a water filtration system, with a fish pond somewhere in the picture , and even worms, to feed the fish! We are working with a new form of ‘Biotecture’. At some point in the next year we will have accommodations for guests. You can visit, but we are in the middle of building infrastructure at this point. Camping accommodation in other words. Our company Microfarm work is starting to take off in a great direction. Mostly we are working on vertical gardening , and custom growing for restaurants and other clients.

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