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“I must create a system of my own, or be enslaved by another man”

“I must create a system of my own, or be enslaved by another man” William Blake.

That is all I am trying o do here, create a system witch encompasses my way of thinking, a system that interconnections the ecological sphere, community sphere, research sphere, commercial sphere. Create your position, standing point, them change it. If example, if I create a forest Garden in salford, what are the benefits of at act from a ecological standing point, I write them down, go through them and i realise all i have is one systems. This act in it self bring entrepreneurism and research together, knowledge is the up hand, Clients love it when you let them know you are highly knowledge about the service that you are going provide. As the same in research. The client in my research the is the wider audience, the community, as this is the intended destination for the research. The research itself creates the will and need for public engagement. Commercial sphere, this is now about understand the demographic, needs, wants, trends. knowledge based, Research, relating to a deep business plan. Making errors and lots of them, the more dead end in research, and doors shut in your face, you are closer to the gold.

World Biosphere Federation

To understand ecosystems you have to understand networks,Bernard Patter.

In 2050, in the hight of the technological era, Transhumanist with all the technics, hardware, networks, AI and Simulated environments are failing to stabilise Gaia. Tipping point has passed and now Gaia is spinning out of control. World Biosphere Federation and the new world leaders, are working with MIT time travel experts to transmit a Fragmented capsule back to 2010, three years before tipping point.

Designer Motion Graphic Designer. Vincent Walsh

Biospheric Foundation & Epoch Six Urban Research Lab

Biospheric Foundation & Epoch Six Urban Research Lab, is about create a intense Inspiring research space, seeking out excitement, enhancing life, enabling social innovation, and whole thinking collaboration. Creating are own system, to shape the of research 21th century, and epoch six is part and spear heading this new evolution thought. As we empathize, talk, debate, argue with , community, friends, colleagues, collaborators I feel we am being not pushed, but  pulled Transferable Intentionality of new things ideas, that shaping the are minds, Cites, Biospheric, planet and therefore. We are a whole brain organisation, to be prepared for the future, you have to provide a space for the empowerment, for informed dialog, opportunity participate, fulfillment. Epoch Six Urban Research Lab provides a platform for change, Social Research Entrepreneurism. Where is this directing us, the future is not somewhere we go, but something we create, and in this way I am creating a future Native, you have to embrace the right and left brain for is biospheric ethics thinking, whole culture collaboration ,in the near future embrace in biospheric &  empathetic leadership and co creation.   We live in the most unimaginable time in the universe, humans opened the possible for evolution to become conscious. We are interdisciplinary biological cosmic beings, intertwined with Ecology & technology. In our short life times, in this technologic age, we will hyper-jump thousands of through the technium innovation. The future will be nothing like the past.

Biospheric Foundation Meet the Community

The Biospheric Foundation recently knocked on the door of the community centre at the vertical towers, opening the door was Paul Dennett who is the Joint Chairman at the Vertical Villages TARA. Paul Dennett is a highly intelligent and motivate community thinker, who is also involved in a PhD in organisationally management at MMU. Paul Dennett away connected with the vision and the need for the Biospheric Foundation in the community.

The Biospheric Foundation have now contacted with St Sebastian’s Community Centre, The Islington Estate Tenants And Residents Association, The Bridgewater Residents Group, The Angel Project, M3 Salford Magazine Biospheric Foundation will be engaging with not just the immediate community, but throughout the whole salford sphere, on many levels. The Biospheric Foundation are glad to be part of the vision for Salford Future.