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Balancing Innovation & Destruction

Throughout time we learned to adapted to the conditions of our environment that we live in. Nature continues to progress, adapted, evolved to the environmentally conditions as darwin showed. We the human animal, the human being has adapted, progressed, and changed to the demands of the environment. We have learned to live better within the restrictions of environment conditions. Our major condition, issues within our environment is the growth population and urbanism. I will show you progression. If we still forged food like hunter gathers did 10,000 year ago, we would need 85 worlds (land mass), to feed 6 billion people forging. If we were still farming the organic way, like in the 1950s, we would need, 82% of the worlds land mass to feed the  6 billion population, opposed to the 38% we use now, progress (K.Kelly WTW. Pg58). Just 60 years ago, 1940 one in five citizens that lived shanghai was a squatter, them one million squatters stay kept upgrading their environment,slum, an within one generation their shanty town become one of the first 21st century cities, now the leading mage-city(K.Kelly WTW. Pg53. Change always changes, always progressing.

From a biological and technology stand point, I will use the “paradigm shift graphs” produced by Ray Kurzweil in this jaw dropping book “The Singularity in Near” (2005), to illustrate with clarity the idea of progress. The graphic highlights the count down to the singularity. Biological evolution & technological evolution but more interestedly is the continuing acceleration, indicted by the shorter time to the next event (2 billion years from the origin of life to cells, 14 years from the PC to the World Wide Web. This graphic also brings this idea to the surface, that, there is no separation between, biology, ecology, technology, it is all one spear, on the trajectory life, a life that is somehow possible, but highly improbable, like the chance of finding two of the same peddles on a beach.

But is seems with innovation, improvement and progress in a man made world, a backlash is the inevitable. The backlash is a destructive force, which usually destroys the most precise element in the life, life itself Nature. The industry revolution is a prime example, it was not a born but a made in the mind of women, innovation, improvements and progress that raised the standard of living, created, possibilities, wealth. This was a engineering revolution, like the wheel.